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3 Things You Must Do Before Embarking On A Health Journey

July 16, 2020

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If you’re reading this, it’s been approximately 4 months since COVID19 changed our lives and our day-to-day life.

Crazy, isn’t it? Despite the overwhelm that has accompanied these uncertain times, if you’re anything like me, then this has also been a time of immense self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-questioning.

Questioning things like: Am I really happy with where my life is at? Am I living a routine and lifestyle that’s supportive of my health goals? Am I doing enough to take care of myself? Why haven’t I taken my health seriously before? Why haven’t I *made* the time to work on my health in the past? 

No matter how many or how few of these questions have been circulating in your mind the last two months, I want you to know one—actually two—things:

  1. You are among countless other women who are thinking the exact same thoughts
  2. It’s never too late to start on a quest for optimal health, regardless of how much change or progress you feel you need to make

There is no such thing as a point of no return when it comes to health.

Let me say that again: there is no such thing as a “point of no return” when it comes to your health journey.

This is important to remember. In fact, it’s critical. Make or break, I might even say.


Because those who feel overwhelmed and like they’re drowning in their symptoms, yet feel like they can “do it”, are are far more capable of reaching optimal health than those who are almost there but feel like they’ll never be able to get where they want to go.

Embarking on a journey to health takes work, yes, but even more than that, it takes self belief, self-awareness, and a sense of optimism. And quite frankly, this can apply to anything in life.

So before we go into the top 3 things you must do before you embark on a journey to health, let me ask you this:

Do you believe that you’re capable of achieving optimal health (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health), and even more importantly, do you believe you deserve it?

Great. Because if you answered “no” to either of the above, then we have some work to do before you can start overhauling your diet and lifestyle. Which brings me to the first of 3 things you must do before embarking on a health journey:

1) You must understand that you are worth the investment

You can’t just understand it, you have to believe it. And guess what? This means, yes, that for the time being, you may be required to drop the habits, people, and activities that no longer serve you. If you don’t believe that you’re worth the investment, then neither will anyone else in your life, and you may start to self sabotage.

This could be an investment in time, finances, or energy. Depending on where you are right now in your health journey and what symptoms you’re dealing with, this investment may be small or large, but either way, if you’re not willing to invest in yourself and do the work, you’ll find yourself stuck at “go” until you decide that you are.

Part of this process will involve writing down the top 5 things things that are keeping you from making this investment. I want you to do that now. Write down the 5 things that are working against you, and keeping you from investing in yourself and your health.

A bad habit that costs a lot of money? A limiting belief that you’re  carrying from your childhood? An unhealthy relationship with yourself or others? A fear of committing?

Write them down, then write down 2 steps you can take to overcome each one of these obstacles, starting today.

2) Stop asking your friends for advice

Again, this applies to many areas of life. When I first decided to adopt a plant based lifestyle to try and conquer my IBS symptoms, my family was not on board, to say the least. My parents told me I was taking far too drastic of measures, and that I needed to re-evaluate my choices. Thankfully, I didn’t listen to their advice. Five years later and here I am: free of my IBS diagnosis, stronger and more energetic than I’ve ever been, and I have zero ounces of regret for listening to my intuition.

The same goes for you and the health journey that you’re on. I need you to understand that getting health advice from friends and family will only hinder, not help your progress. Why?

Because your friends aren’t trained health professionals (or maybe they are, and you should be hiring them for their advice!), and their opinions may not be in your best interest, despite how it may otherwise feel.

Despite the fact that they mean well, your friends are probably only confusing the sh*t out of you. And even worse, if they’re a friend who doesn’t mean well, they may even try to hinder your progress or tell you that you’re going down the wrong path, when in actual fact, you could be making immense progress—”You don’t want to eat X? Why are you no fun anymore? They say that X is actually good for Y!”

Your friends may be great friends, and your family may be freaking amazing, but they’re not the ones you should be asking for health advice. And until you stop asking for their advice, you will only continue to find yourself stuck, unsure of whether or not you’re making the right decisions for you and your body.

3) Start with imperfect action

Imperfect action over perfectionist hesitation, always. As Rich Roll says:

“Don’t overthink it. Just begin”

Start with one small action, every single day. Maybe that’s trying to drink more water, cutting down on midweek alcohol consumption, getting your sweat on once a week, or adding in a few new vegetables into your diet every month. Whatever it is that you start with, just start somewhere. Anywhere.

It’s much easier to start and continue moving forward, with imperfect action, adjusting and learning as you go, than to stay where you are, frustrated, stagnant, and feeling like you’ll never get “there”—wherever that is.

I hope this helps!

– Ros xo

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