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5 Lessons My Clients Have Taught Me About Health This Year

August 31, 2021

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I woke up yesterday, and realized something pretty cool:

It’s been one year since I started my nutrition business. One year of living out my dream and sharing my passion with as many women as I possibly can.

And in this year…

1. I’ve worked with over 30 amazing clients

2. Hosted over 20 workshops

3. Which have been attended by over 500 women (that’s a LOT of women!)

And as much as it’s been a year of growth and wins, it’s also been a year of learning…a lot. From my mistakes (full transparency here, I’m human too), and learning from my clients.

You see, gut health recommendations are ALWAYS fluctuating based on the current research. And if I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that it’s OKAY to change your mind about something so long as that something is based on fact and not opinion.

This is what makes my practice really unique—I’ll always take an evidence-based, holistic approach when helping my clients. There’s no fad diets, health trends, or opinion based pseudoscience here. I want my clients to get the best results possible, and that happens when I give them recommendations that are rooted in science and practice.

But that isn’t to say I haven’t given bad advice, had to correct myself, or fallen flat on my face trying to learn something. Again, I’m only human and this is how humans GROW. They stretch their muscles, and they have to course correct.

And what takes the cake for me this year in terms of lessons learned, are the things that my clients have taught me through working alongside of them for 6-12 months.

Here are 5 of those lessons that I’m confident will help you in some capacity:

1. It doesn’t matter what you eat if you don’t believe it’s possible to heal: Yep, you read that right. You could be eating all the plants in the world, but if you are 100% confident that your body is NOT capable of healing, then you’ll stay exactly where you are. Why? You will subconsciously begin to look for evidence that your belief is TRUE and you will seek out ways to keep yourself stuck. Seems crazy, but it’s true. Once my clients start to realize this, they start to re-program their beliefs. It’s incredible what happens after that.

2. You can have “tried it all”, but guaranteed, you haven’t tried this: And by “this” I mean the evidence based approach that I offer my clients. I’ve worked with clients from ALL walks of life, and so many of them come to me believing that they’ve sincerely tried it all. If that were true, they would be better by now. What I typically see is that my soon-to-be clients have tried “it all” within the conventional medicine model, or, from practitioners who aren’t evidence based. Again though, this goes back to mindset. If you believe you’ve tried it all, you might not allow yourself to get the help you need to heal.

3. Even the worst gut health can be resurrected: I’ve worked with clients who were only able to eat meat and lettuce, and clients who skip multiple days a week without having a bowel movement. It truly doesn’t matter. If you got here because of your diet and lifestyle, then you can get out of that place with diet and lifestyle changes. It’s that simple. My clients astound me every single day with the change their body is capable of.

4. When you invest in your health at a deeper level (money, energy), you get different results: A common theme I see among my current and past clients is that they’ve invested A LOT in their health. I mean a lot. But what they notices is that they get completely different results working with me because I ask for a bigger emotional, energetic and monetary investment from them. When we play small, we get small results. When we play big, we get bigger results. It’s that simple.

5. When your health changes, EVERYTHING else changes: This is not an exaggeration. So many of my clients make BIG, impactful changes in their lives once their health begins to fall into place. Why? Because they have the ability to focus their energy on other things that are important to them. Things that took a back seat when they were feeling unwell. New jobs they’re passionate about, new homes, new hobbies, and a newfound sense of joy. It’s pure magic 💫.

With love and microbiome health,

– Ros

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