I help ambitious women struggling with chronic gut health imbalances overcome their symptoms.

A 1:1 program built on evidence-based, plant-based nutrition strategies to help you diversify your diet, regain energy and reclaim your life again.

The solutions you need for the symptoms you’ve learned to live with

The honest truth is that too many women have learned to tolerate their pain and their symptoms. Most of us are people pleasers, we undervalue our worth, and we put our health dead last. But at what point does your cup run dry? At what point are you no longer able to show up for yourself or for others?

If you’re in need of simplified answers but you’re feeling burnt out by the never-ending chase of getting the help you need to heal, then you’ve come to the right place. My job as a gut health expert and holistic practitioner is to boil down the confusion, erase the overwhelm, and walk you through the exact steps you need to take in order to regain your gut health and your livelihood. 

The solution doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to involve food elimination, and most importantly, it shouldn’t involve guess work.

Gut health solutions that just makes sense.

Where do you see yourself 6 months from now if you stay on the path you’re currently walking in your health? 

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A customized, evidence based program to repair your microbiome and uplevel your gut health

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There are a million and one strategies out there that you could implement to heal your gut, but very few will yield the results you’re actually looking for. What I’ve learned is that the key thing that separates those that do from those that don’t comes down to one simple word: science.

The strategies that work for healing the gut are evidence based, not based on marketing or popular opinion. Nutrition research is changing daily and it’s my job as a practitioner to stay up to date on this data so you can understand what allows your microbiome to thrive and what will hinder your progress.

If you’re ready to get the accountability, guidance and support that you need to finally close the gaps in your diet and lifestyle and clearly understand the “how” of how to repair your gut with simplified strategies, then my signature 1:1 coaching program is the right fit for you.

A customized 3 or 6 month 1:1 program with a microbiome focus

Your microbiome is an ecosystem and your bacteria crave diversity; let’s give them what they need to thrive

  • Have eliminated all kinds of plant foods from your diet
  • Have seen a GI specialist and all kinds of other practitioners
  • Are taking too many supplements to keep track of
  • Feel confused about the best diet to follow for your gut
  • Are overwhelmed by the conflicting gut health information online 
  • Have spent hundreds of dollars on testing that didn’t yield results
  • Have been told to try the low FODMAP diet or a gluten free diet
  • Have lived with your symptoms for years and are ready to give up
  • Have been told that this is just the way things will always be for you

I know because these were all true for me too at one point in my health journey. Whatever your story is, my job is to help you regain clarity and confidence that you too can heal your gut for good. Because guess what? You absolutely can with the right guidance and the right tools.

Perhaps you…

You’re here because you’re tired of the bandaid solutions and you want to make lasting, sustainable change for your gut health.

exclusive offer

Access to a free consult with an herbal therapist to take your gut healing strategy one step further (optional)


Recipe recommendations and PDFs that will help you master your meals like a gut health pro


Exclusive access to my online course, the Plant Powered Gut Academy during the entirety of the program


Unlimited support and voice note support via Instagram or Facebook DM so you can get your questions answered quickly and provide key updates


30-45 minute coaching calls every two weeks so you can get the ongoing guidance you need to feel better quickly


A 1-hour initial consult to go over your health history and discuss your unique plan of action


Master your microbiome and optimize your digestion

What’s included?

The objective of the 1:1 program is that upon completion, you feel confident that you can carry on your own afterward. The goal is never dependency on me as a practitioner. The goal is clarity, independence and an ongoing sense of understanding of what’s going on in your body and more importantly, why. My job is to help you build the foundations you need to transform your gut. Your job is to implement those foundations and continue to use the tools you need to carry on without me one day.

and so many other areas of your health for years to come.

This program is for you if you’re ready to make a lasting lifestyle change that will benefit your microbiome.

build the foundations

You’re ready to adopt a more plant forward diet or you have an open mind about making the transition one day (even if you aren’t ready yet)

You’re ready for an evidence based approach that may go against what other practitioners have told you in the past

You’re ready to ditch the bone broth and other fad diet trends (I’m serious about this one)

You’re open to adding (plant) foods back into your diet that you’ve eliminated

You understand that this is a journey and that it may take up to 6 months for you to truly heal your gut


If we both agree that it’s the right fit after the discovery call, I will invite you to join the program.  After our call, I will send you a welcome email with everything you need to get started, including a payment link, all the forms I’ll need you to fill out with instructions on how to do so, a calendar link to book in your initial consult, as well as a legal agreement form. We will have our first coaching call and lay out the foundations and action steps for the remainder of the program.

During our coaching calls, we’ll continue to update and modify the strategies we’ve implemented together, check in on symptom changes and progress, and add in new strategies to keep you on track to achieving your goals. I will be there for ongoing support and accountability every step of the way. You’ll also have exclusive access to my online course, the Plant Powered Gut Academy where you can expand on your learning in the program with mindset trainings, recipes, and more.

Step 3   |   Ongoing Support

Since there is only one of me, I can only take on so many new clients at once, and my goal is to always keep my client load small enough that I can give my full attention and energy to the women who have already committed to working with me. After you fill out the application form linked below, I will take the time to review your application. Please be thorough in your responses. If it’s the right fit, you can expect a response within one week where I will either invite you to book in for a free 30-minute discovery call, or inform you that you are on the waitlist. 

Step 2   |   Getting Started

Get to know our trusted method

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the process

- Tatiana

Before Ros, I tried to work on my diet on my own but was confused about all the conflicting information out there, so I couldn't figure out the puzzle of my issues on my own. With her help I was able to heal my lifelong chronic constipation, daily cramps, PMS, and lower my inflammation enough to start gaining healthy weight. I chose to work with Ros because I could tell she knew the research and was a wealth of information, rather than just following an idea or fab diet. She approaches every patient with an individualized plan based on all her knowledge. It was such a relief to have access to Ros on a daily basis with random questions or concerns that would come up. And I can't believe I finally understand and have healed my body. It feels like a miracle and I would work with her all over again."

she knew the research and was a wealth of


she knew the research and was a wealth

of information

"Working with Ros has completely changed my life, my gut, and my hormones for the better.

- Michelle

I still remember my initial consult with Ros and she asked me “where do you see yourself in a year if you don’t start working with me?" And I thought, “what does she expect me to say?" So I replied, “in the same spot I am now." I was very skeptical of the whole process as I was a firm believer that meat and dairy were not an issue in my diet. Fast forward 3 months, and my life has changed in ways I had no idea were possible. I am down to taking an acid reflux pill maybe once or twice a week as opposed to daily, my body no longer feels like it is 20 or 30 years older than it actually is, and I am slowly starting to lose weight as my gut starts to repair itself. I cannot say enough about what a joy it was to work with Ros. She was so patient, always available with any questions I had and was never judgemental of what I was eating with gentle suggestions on how to make it better next time. At 47, as a chronic dieter for half my life, I thought I “knew it all“ about diets."

"Ros has opened my eyes to a new way of eating that has benefited me and my health now and will contribute to my longevity in a healthy way.

my life has changed in ways I had no

my life has changed in ways I had

no idea were possible.

idea were possible.

- Wanda

As the years pass and I’m approaching my 60’s, I started noticing all kinds of little signs that were worrying at best and limiting at worst. I turned to the medical system and found frustration as I was faced with a wall of doubt. I found Roslyn through a family member’s experience. I must say that I was skeptical and didn’t believe my eating habits were the root of the problem. Ros was incredible from the very first consultation I had with her. Little did I know that her program was not only going to focus on food, but take a holistic approach to root out the source of my issues. It’s not an overstatement to say that Ros has changed my perspective on how to live. From sleep, to stress, to self-love and of course food. It’s been truly life altering. Ros has given me the tools and the confidence to continue healing my body and mind. Thank you Ros for your guidance on this journey."

 It’s not an overstatement to say

that Ros has changed my perspective on

It’s not an overstatement to say that Ros has changed my

of perspective on how to live.

"I’ve been a high energy goal focused individual my entire life, and my body has always been there for anything I wanted to achieve.

how to live.

- Laura

After struggling with IBS and the never ending fear of the next flare up for the last 5 years - I finally feel like I can live again! I even travelled recently and had an amazing time without the fear and without the flare ups. As much as I wanted to be a plant-based consumer and human - I had NO idea how or where to start. I am so grateful for your support, the space to try things and the encouragement I needed to listen to MY GUT instinct. This whole journey has inspired new steps that I have needed the courage to take for years. Your work is about more than just 💩. It is about all that our guts are tied to. Which is everything as women and mothers in this world. I am finally proud of the way I eat, and confident that my body, mind and spirit are becoming aligned."

"I want to Thank you with my whole heart and BODY! Working with you has been the best thing I've ever done for myself!

time without the fear and without the flare

I finally feel like I can live again! I

even travelled recently and had an amazing

 amazing time without the fear and without the flare ups.

I finally feel like I can live again! I even travelled recently and had an


- Cassidy

Ros and I have some mutual friends from university so finding her was actually pretty easy! I knew immediately that it was going to be a good fit because she had been through a very lengthy gut health journey of her own! She has first hand experience of what it’s like to struggle with these symptoms and that makes the world of a difference. Over a period of 3 months Ros taught me how to slowly introduce more fibre into my diet, diversify what I was eating and set myself up for success moving forward. Fast forward to today and I am confident in my diet, my bowel movements are amazing and I feel good in my own skin 🙂 None of this would have happened without Ros and for that I am forever grateful ❤️"

"In the months leading up to working with Ros I was suffering from severe constipation that was resulting in such intense bloating that I looked like I was 9 months pregnant after just a day of eating.

been through a very lengthy gut health

going to be a good fit because she had

I knew immediately that it was

I knew immediately that it was going to be a good fit because she

had been through a very lengthy gut health journey of her own!

journey of her own!

Let’s get you answers

Have questions?

What does the investment look like?


The amount you’ll invest into working together 1:1 depends on the length of time it will take for you to reach your goals.

I require that we work together for a minimum of 3 months, although some clients will require 6 months if they are not already whole food plant based and are dealing with more than one health concern. 

Overall, you can expect to invest $1497 USD/month for the 3 month program.

How long will we work together?


After 3 months you can choose to renew for another 3 months. After the 6 month program, you can choose to continue on a month-by-month basis if desired.

I do not offer hourly rates or one-off sessions unless you have been working with me for an extended period of time.

Do I need to be plant based to work with you?


Absolutely not! However, with that being said, I do need you to keep an open mind about moving in that direction, as we know that the research overwhelmingly states a high fibre, diverse, plant-forward diet is the single greatest way to repair the microbiome.

I will happily meet you exactly where you are and will never pass judgment about your current diet. My goal is to get you to place where you’re feeling incredible! I know that plants can do that but I also want you to feel as though you have flexibility and balance. I like to take an 80/20 approach with my clients.

Through our 1:1 sessions and extended learning in the PPG Academy, you will feel confident in no time in how to start to lead a more plant-focused lifestyle that supports your gut and overall health.

Do you utilize testing in your program?


Although I may ask you to book a visit with your doctor to get a requisition for standard blood work (things like B12, thyroid, celiac antibodies,vitamin D3, and iron may need to be tested), or to get a colonoscopy/endoscopy, I will not require you to get any additional testing. 

The reason being is that most gut health tests (examples: GI Map testing, food sensitivity testing and Viome gut testing) are not evidence based, lack research behind their testing methods, provide many false positives/negatives, and are overall a waste of money. Food sensitivity testing is especially inaccurate and is a huge money grab. I believe in food tracking, bowel movement tracking and similar tools to help you understand what’s going on with your bowel movements and what foods you’re sensitive to. 

You don’t need a test to tell you those things. The general direction for achieving a healthy microbiome will be similar across the board. If and when an accurate microbiome test comes out, I will be the first to let you know! It would be incredible to one day have something like that to enhance the care I can provide for my clients. For now, these tests are not worth the money or the hype.

Note: if we suspect SIBO is at play for you, we will base that analysis off of symptoms and can use antimicrobials and food support to address that imbalance if need be. I work with a certified herbal therapist in these instances. But remember, if you have constipation and get a positive test result for SIBO, you most likely don’t have SIBO. The methane released from the constipation gives a false positive for the test.

Do you accept health insurance?


No, I do not. However, if your extended health plan lists “nutritionist”, I can issue you an invoice that you can submit to your insurance provider yourself.

Will you give me a meal plan?


In most cases, I will not. I am happy to provide you with meal recommendations and recipe ideas, but the end goal for all of my clients is that they understand how to build a balanced, plant forward plate on their own and can find recipes to adapt and fit their gut health needs.

I find that with meal plans, clients become lost once they’re not following them, and that’s certainly not what I want for you!

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Three easy payments

$1497 USD + 5% GST

3 Monthly Payments

A customized, evidence based program to repair your microbiome and uplevel your gut health

Let's talk cost

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