I  help women escape the constipation cycle for good


Uncover the exact evidence based microbiome strategies you need to escape the constipation cycle for good.

Correcting Constipation

Most women know exactly what they want in their health—namely, to feel normal again—but very few are clear on the "how" of how to get there without feeling restricted in all areas of their life. Enter Correcting Constipation.

In this two-hour workshop, you'll uncover the exact evidence based strategies that I teach my clients to help them escape the constipation cycle for good. The fluff-free, simple, yet effective solutions that target dysbiosis and bowel rhythm specifically.

It's not that women aren't looking for help when it comes to their constipation, it's that they haven't yet been helped in the ways that they need to address their symptoms in a meaningful way. We're being failed by a system that is only equipped to teach symptom management rather than healing.

In order to address constipation, we need to focus on both motility and the microbiome. The strategies I teach in this workshop will change the way you view your gut and all of the amazing things you can do to support it.

A year from now, you want to feel lighter, happier, and more energized. But what are you doing to get there?


How to ramp up fibre to avoid reactions to foods and worsening symptoms

How to diversify your diet to support microbial diversity and motility

What foods to eat and what foods to avoid for constipation (the goal is diversity, not elimination)

How to re-train your bowels to poop at the same time each day

How to change your diet to support your microbiome for long term optimal motility

How to get your bowels moving with the right foods, supplements and lifestyle strategies so you can immediately reduce your symptoms

Why constipation happens and where conventional treatments miss the mark

In this workshop you'll learn…


Recipe Booklet

A small recipe booklet will be included with 11 balanced dinner recipes and 5 breakfast recipes you can incorporate into your routine.

You will have lifetime access to the workshop workbook, with 48 pages of material guiding you through the process of correcting your constipation.


You will have lifetime access to the full recording of the video training. This means that even if you can't come live and be there in person, you can watch the training at your convenience.

Video Training

Two-Hour Workshop
+ Q&A Session

What's included

Real results from people just like you

But have you worked on changing your diet and lifestyle in a way that makes sense for microbiome health and motility?

Sure, you've tried all the diets


With this workshop and my programs, I'm on a mission to change the way constipation is addressed (hint: the microbiome is at the centre of it all). In Correcting Constipation you will learn how to repair your gut with diet, lifestyle, and supplement changes so you can beat constipation once and for all.

It all started with one viral Instagram reel and the realization that SO many more women are constipated than I ever thought. Plant eaters, omnivores, young, middle aged, and everyone in between.

IBS-C is managed incredibly poorly in conventional medicine and women like you are left with more confusion than clarity when it comes to how to move forward. And that just sucks.

Why did I create this workshop?


Gain access to worksheet and my recipe book

Replay available in Teachable

Live workshop in Zoom

In this two-hour workshop, you'll uncover the exact evidence based strategies that I teach my clients to help them escape the constipation cycle for good. 

$139 USD


In this two-hour live workshop (and Q&A), I will be sharing all of my most coveted strategies for tackling slow motility. I will not be holding anything back.

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Next workshop date being announced September 20th, 2024