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Master your motility agent strategy so you can fully empty your bowels every single day

Motility Matters

Most constipation prone folks are blindly led to believe that using laxatives, “as needed” for the rest of their life is the best way to manage their constipation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a dance and and art to using motility agents properly, and unfortunately, this tango is not one that most practitioners are teaching their patients.

As someone with chronic constipation, you deserve to understand the critical role that motility agents play in a constipation journey, and more importantly, how to use them properly so you don’t have to take them the rest of your life. Dependency is never the goal and you should have an action plan to avoid this common rabbit hole.

In this two hour workshop, you’ll uncover the exact motility agent strategies I teach my clients that allow them to save money, simplify their supplement routine, and get their bowels in a rhythm so they can restore their gut’s muscle memory. In order to address constipation, you need to have a sound motility agent strategy. Doing so will allow you to have epic daily bowel movements.

If using laxatives “as needed” to manage your constipation was going to work, it would have by now.


Motility helpers and motility supporting foods and how to utilize them to complement your core motility agent

How long to take your motility agent for

When and how to adjust your motility agent(s) to continue to establish rhythm in your bowel movements through the ups and downs of life

How to do a clear out once you determine your transit time

How to properly introduce the right motility agent for your transit time and in what dose 

Which motility agents to use and which ones to steer clear of

What a motility agent really is and why using one (or two) is so important for escaping the constipation cycle

In this workshop you'll learn…

How to properly taper off of a motility agent  (including dosages)


 A one-page cheat sheet summary for the dosages and types of motility agents to use will be provided.

Motility Agent Cheat Sheet

You will have lifetime access to the workshop workbook, with 40+ pages of material guiding you through the process of mastering your motility agent strategy.


You will have lifetime access to the full recording of the workshop. This means that even if you can't come live and be there in person, you can watch the recording at your convenience.

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What's included

Two-Hour Workshop
+ Q&A Session

Real results from people just like you

This workshop is for those you who are tired of the guessing game when it comes to navigating the world of laxatives and constipation supplements. You want a clear strategy and protocol to follow when it comes to taking motility agents for your constipation, and you want a sound plan for tapering off them in the future.

so you've tried all the laxatives, but were you using them properly?


Through this workshop, my goal is to educate you on how to confidently use motility agents with a solid understanding of how much to take, what to take, how long to take it for, and what else needs to be focused on in order for you to get your life and your motility back.

IBS-C is poorly managed in conventional medicine, and this is no exception when it comes to laxative and motility agent use. Not enough awareness is brought to the fact that when used correctly, motility agents are not only a critical step in a constipation journey, but they can liberate you from the constipation cycle.

After working with hundreds of constipated women in my practice, it became clear to me that most women are told to take conventional laxatives as needed, for the rest of their life to manage their constipation. This is not only incorrect, but also misleading.

Why did I create this workshop?


Gain lifetime access to the recording + workbook

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In this 2-hur workshop, you’ll uncover the exact evidence based strategies that I teach my clients to help them confidently use motility agents and escape the constipation cycle for good.

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In this 2-hour live workshop, I will be sharing all of my most coveted strategies for tackling slow motility through strategic motility agent use. I will not be holding anything back!

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